Black Sea security challenges: Russia’s influence and NATO 2030’s response. What can we expect from the EU-NATO strategy?

Policy Chats Network will have the pleasure to host a panel discussion with Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst in the Europe in the World Programme at the EPC, and Ionela Ciolan, Research Fellow in the Europe in the World Programme.

The event will address the EU-NATO strategy for 2030 in a context of rising influence from Russia near the Black Sea.

Will the EU and NATO be able to draft a joint strategy to tackle Russia’s influence?

29th of June at 5:00 pm CET

Event’s structure

EU-NATO's strategy against Russia's rising influence in the Black Sea. Event structure: Guest Speaker's introduction keynote (during 10 minutes), then the breakout room activity during 15 min., then groups present their ideas back to everyone (during 30 seconds per group) and finally, during the last 20 minutes, a final discussion is organised.
Event’s structure – A PCN Event

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