Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We are a group of students across the globe willing to gather for debating geopolitics, public policies and so on. Our website’s URL address is:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When you leave a comment on the website, the data sent through the form, as well as your I.P. address and your user agent are collected for avoiding undesirable comments.

A hash (anonymized chain) created from your email address may be sent to Gravatar in order for it to verify whether you use it. Gravatar’s confidentiality policy may be found here:

Once your comment has been approved by a moderator, your profile picture will be publicly visible closely to your comment.


If you are a registered user and upload pictures on the website, it is advised that you avoid uploading images containing EXIF data (including GPS-related information). The website visitors may download those images and extract data from these.

Contact Forms

Contact forms used do not save the data entered by the user. The pieces of information entered are, once the form is sent, sent to PCN’s services for dealing with the request. By sending the form while providing reliable contact details, the user accepts that he may receive one or multiple answers from PCN. Sending a message through the form does not entail the subscription to the mailing list.


If you send a comment on our website, you will be proposed to save your name, email address and website through cookies. It is only for your personal ease such that you would not have to re-enter those pieces of information should you send another comment. Those cookies expire after one year.

If you access the login page, a temporary cookie will be created to determine whether your browser allows cookies. It does not contain personal data and will be deleted immediately after the browser’s closure.

Once you are connected, cookies will be saved and will contain the details regarding your connection and your screen preferences. The length of one connection-related cookie is two days. The length of a screen preferences-related one is one year. If you tick the box “Remind me,” your connection cookie will be saved during two weeks. If you log out, it will be deleted.

By editing or publishing a post, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser. This will not contain personal data. It simply indicates the ID of the publication you have edited. It is deleted after one day.

Embedded content

The articles of this website may include embedded contents (videos, pictures, posts…) from external websites. Embedded contents follow the same behavior as original content.

Those websites could gather personal data, use cookies, follow your interactions with those embedded contents if you have an account and are connected to these websites.


Not applicable.

Who we share your data with

Your data’s exploitation is strictly limited following a need-to-know basis. Your comments are accessible by PCN moderators while your messages are sent to PCN’s Executive Team that has the exclusive power to access personal data. Certain data may be accessible by Executive Team’s divisions, such as the webmaster or the Partnerships one. One division only has access to the data it needs to pursue its goals while following data protection-related regulations.

How long we retain your data

If you are a registered user, your data are retained during one year after the last connection to your account.

What rights you have over your data

You have the right to oppose the treatment of your data, to edit and ask for the deletion of your data.

Where we send your data

Users’ comments can be sent for verification to an automatic system to prevent the publication of undesirable comments.

Contact information

For exercising your rights, you may contact: or use the contact form located at the bottom of the page.

Additional Information

All your data are protected via appropriate means. Should you have any question or need further details as to how we protect them, feel free to contact us using the email address specified above, or by the contact form available below.

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