A cross-university network…

…hosting interactive events.

Meet. Network. Discuss whats hot in geopolitics & policy

#No Boring Webinars

Our solemn promise.
Headline Events

Fancy speakers. Breakout rooms, workshops, discussions.

Community Events

Networking. Mentoring groups. Pub quizzes and games.

Not quite sure?

That isn’t going to be the only event – there will be more on cyber & tech, intelligence, peacekeeping, economic diplomacy, national policy making.

With so many university names together, we’re aiming to get some top speakers – so, if you have a big guest or a topic to explore, let’s make it happen. The students and audience from all the other societies will also be invited!

Want to join the committee?

If you’d like to meet new people, add some experience to your CV or just be part if something cool – lets chat and introduce you to the team!

The Ambition

We’re really excited about this project. We’re ambitious to end up with a community spanning from across the Atlantic to Asia, and give students a chance to network, grow and spend some quality time. 

Would love to hear about you, your ambitions and how this project can help you. Let’s chat.


The PC Founding Committee

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